Workshops in Malawi

20 Jul

STEPS, in partnership with a German development organization (GIZ), had a two-day workshop in Lilongwe-Malawi. The workshop took place from the 26-27 May 2011,at the Cross Roads Hotel. The workshop was attended by GIZ Malawi partner organizations. The purpose of the workshop was to introduce participants to the new STEPS films and explain how to use them.

The newest films focus on the reproductive health issues of persons living with or affected by HIV. One of the films deals with a discordant couple that wishes to have their own child without passing on the virus to the baby and the other partner. GIZ also introduced one of their films called ‘The three & a half lives of Philip Wetu’.

It is shot in an urban setting featuring a young working class male with multiple concurrent partners. The film has had success in stimulating discussions in parts of Namibia, and it is to be integrated into programmes of other GIZ/STEPS partners across the region.

On the 28th June 2011 Salima Aids Support Organisation (SASO), a partner of STEPS in Malawi, hosted a skills development workshop. The workshop was aimed at giving the local facilitators a platform to share experiences from the field. This was the first time that facilitators, trainers, the director of SASO and the regional STEPS trainer came together to discuss the successes and challenges of past screenings.

As part of the skills development, facilitators were also introduced to the three new reproductive health rights films. The purpose was to prepare facilitators to introduce these films to their various communities in their programmes. The films were well received will serve as a much-needed tool to challenge Malawian communities to engage the issue of rights and traditions versus culture practices.


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