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Why Poverty? is Here!

Following the success of Why Democracy?, Steps International is developing a new global cross-media project. With more films, more broadcasters and estimated audience of 500 million people, Why Poverty? will definately get people talking about one of the most important issues of our time.

Why Poverty? has been gathering great interest in many circles. Have a look at this article to find out what the project is about.

Executive Producer of Why Poverty?, Don Edkins explains how and why this film series is so important at this moment in time. “We’re doing it now because there has been this movement to really look at the Millennium Development goals of the United Nations. Essentially, there is no accountability. As citizens … we don’t have any influence over where they are supposed to go.”

Why Poverty? has a fresh new look! As the project grows, so will its digital presence.
With more clips, articles and commenting functionality, the new website becomes more personal with visitors. Keep up to do date with developments on

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