Which social networks should your non-profit organisation be on

24 Apr

You have a vision, a mission and a worthy cause, but how do you inform the world of the work you do? You work in a competitive space with many organizations trying to capture public attention but you don’t have the resources to divide between your initiatives and creating public awareness.

This is where social networks play a pivotal role for non-profit orgnaisations. Since their emergence and mass adoption, social networks have become a cheap and viable way to get your best work pushed into the public sphere. From posting videos and pictures to blogging your daily activities, your organization should take advantage of the growing online environment.

Keep in mind that joining a social network does not necessarily mean mass exposure. You need to cultivate you network and make members feel as if they joined a worthy cause. Develop a well-planned social media strategy with regular updates and useful information.

Here are some links to the more popular networks:

  • Facebook – the largest social network in the world. Enables video, pictures, commenting, page creation and many more. The possible use of targeted advertisements to a specific audience could also come in handy if starting a campaign. Check out the Steps Facebook page here
  • Twitter – This micro-blogging platform has become very popular as it provides instant updates with widespread exposure depending on your topic. Easy accessibility on most cellphones has provided a great network for users without fixed line broadband connections.
  • Youtube – Have a video? Post it here. Useful commenting functionality and the ability to embed videos directly into your webpage or blog makes this social network cutting edge and interactive.
  • Pinterest – Relatively new on the scene, this social network has great potential using visually pleasing elements. Have look at this article for more information about pinning!

Have you used any of the other social networks not mentioned here? Comment and let us know.

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