Engaging the Youth

09 May

Scalabrini, in partnership with Steps, is coordinating the Unite as One project which facilitates film screenings in various schools in the Western Cape.

The project’s initial screenings kicked off in De Doorns, a picturesque town in the Southern Cape where Scalabrini, with mentorship support from Steps, is engaging young audiences about important social issues.

The first screening, held at Hex Vallei, was to Grade 11 pupils at a predominantly Afrikaans speaking school. The screening was attended by 36 learners, both male and female, which included Xhosa speaking learners

The screening marked the beginning of the 40 screenings scheduled as part of the Unite as One project with the purpose to engage learners on the subject of “diversity”. This six-month project is due to end in September 2012. The film screenings are part of other activities planned during the six months.

The Steps film, Kwerekwere, will be used to initiate the project in all the schools. The film was filmed at Maitland High School, by youth wanting to gather information among learners about their views and
perceptions of each other.

The Screenings

The screening at Hex Vallei was received well. To start off the discussion, the facilitator asked learners if the type of music they listened to was part of what identifies them. The mention of music made the screening more conducive to sharing as several hands flung up to indicate what sort of music they enjoy most.

It was clear in the discussion that young people defined culture to be part of what adds to their diversity particularly due to the genres they listen to, namely:

• House

• Kwaito

• R&B

• Rap etc.

As the discussion was being summarized, learners at Hex Vallei indicated that they were not bothered by the presence of foreign nationals in their communities. The learners seemed to be accepting of the diversity in the farming community.

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