An incredible couple

06 Jun

This amazing couple have stopped at nothing to advocate for the rights of people living with, or affected by, HIV in Botswana.

Kennedy and Basha are both openly living with HIV. The couple is well known for their activism regarding the human rights of people living with HIV. They both work for Centre for Youth of Hope (CEYOHO) based in Gaborone, Botswana.

The couple approached STEPS to make a documentary film about their personal journey of wanting to have their own child. The film is called ‘An Intersection’ and was recently screened at a skills development workshop for STEPS facilitators in Gaborone.

Having Kennedy and Basha facilitate and guide the discussion gave a human face to the reproductive rights of people living with HIV. Due to high levels of stigma, People Living With HIV/Aids (PLWHA) are not expected to have children of their own.

Following the screenings, feelings of appreciation toward the couple were voiced by participants:

“I am also living with HIV, your story has given me hope to have a baby.” said a woman participant. Kennedy responded, “Our message is that, any person wanting to have a baby and is living with HIV should consult with doctors first, because that is the best approach and it is what we did”.

Audiences congratulated Kennedy for being a male role model.

“As a Motswana man myself, it is encouraging to see Kennedy challenging the stereotypes of men’s involvement during child birth which is not common in our communities.”

Another participant commented:
” I wish I had a husband like you.
I am inspired…. You are a role model to other men out there”

Reproductive rights of PLWHA are usually ignored and undermined. An Intersection is a great tool to use to assist people to make well informed choices.

“I wish this film can be shown to more people especially those that attach stigma towards PLWHA – the film is easy to follow and understand”.

Read more about Steps’ involvement in Botswana here

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