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Why Poverty on Facebook!

We’ve gone social!

Why Poverty now has a Facebook page where you can get the latest updates about this global documentary film project.

Set for broadcast in November 2012, Why Poverty will address the most important social issue of our time. Documentaries from all over the world will shed light on poverty in different and interesting ways.

What are you waiting? Share the experience on the Why Poverty Facebook page

Image from Why Poverty short film, The Thread

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New funding source?

This isn’t your typical funding story. Then again, in an age of social media and breakneck technological development, not many things are the way they used to be.

Crowd-sourcing start-up, Kickstarter has had a big part in bringing the Oscar nominated documentary Incident in New Baghdad to the screen. While traditional sources were not as willing to fund the film, a group of ante-donors managed to fund the production of this amazing story.

Read more about this on and learn more about Crowd-sourcing HERE.

Image from Businessgrow

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New CareTakers film!

‘In the Age of Adaptation’, the latest film in the series, has recently been completed.

The backdrop of the film is Durban and COP17 – The UN Climate Change conference in December 2011.
A unique horticultural art piece is being built. This is the ‘Living Beehive’, a sophisticated steel structure based on the traditional Zulu beehive hut; and clad with a 3-dimensional garden of indigenous plants .

A few deep thinking delegates at COP17 visit the Beehive and share their perspectives on its symbolism, the value of healthy ecosystems, and human aspiration.

We then step away from the introspective space of the beehive to follow wetland specialist Mbali Khubeka as she guides us into the field where we can evaluate Beehive thinking.

She takes us to sites where rural communities are benefitting from rehabilitated systems on the Mkhuze Floodplain; and to the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, where conservation efforts at this World Heritage site are recognized globally as an essential investment in the future.

Thought provoking and informative, the film hopes to educate and inspire all of us to recognize the importance of natural capital and biodiversity.

The film is available for viewing on our website or a DVD can be ordered through the STEPS offices. See:

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The World in images

As a documentary film enthusiast, you’re used to seeing stories unfold through moving pictures. However, social documentary photography uses still pictures to capture our social surroundings.

Wikipedia defines it as “Social documentary photography is the recording of humans in their natural condition with a camera. Often it also refers to a socially critical genre of photography dedicated to showing the life of underprivileged or disadvantaged people.” A full description can be found HERE or read the New Yorker’s short piece on social documentary photography HERE.
The Activist Writer also provides links to great galleries.

To have a look at some of the incredible stories capture in pictures, should be your first stop.

Image from

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Remembering the Arab Spring

In December 2010, the ‘Arab Spring‘ sent shockwaves through the ruling structures in several Middle Eastern and North African countries. Decades of tyrannical rule would come crushing down in an astonishing display of civil and digital activism.

However, disgruntlement in the region was not a sudden occurance. In 2007, activists in Egypt were making valiant strides to expose electoral fraud and voter intimation in the elections. The Why Democracy? documentary, Egypt: We Are Watching You captures the tireless work that was happening long before that historic month in 2010.

Watch the trailer HERE

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